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Class 02 – Week 03

Task: Spline & polish the walk cycle. Pose Stella in a way that shows movement.

Damn you knee pops! *shakes angry fist*
In the end I do wish I had gone for a personality walk, just so I’m stepping away from rote exercises. Fairly happy with how it turned out though.
The poses I’m not so pleased with, was a busy week at work so was a little short on time.

pose01 pose02

Class 02 – Week 01

Class 02 is underway and my new mentor is Martin Hopkins from Dreamworks. He has a long list of credentials and a nice character to boot. I’m sure he’s going to be instrumental in getting my skills up to the next level.

Task: Sketch some poses showing movement and pose Stella based off 2 of the sketches.

Not such a hard way to start the class, but I had a tonne of technical problems with the AM menu in the hours leading up to the deadline. Was able to figure out a temporary solution to the problem, later realised I just needed to reset the modem and router. *slaps forehead*

Things learnt:
Pay attention to how one body part flows into another. Rigs can get slightly clunky.
Push it. Then push it some more.

class02_w01_01 class02_w01_02