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Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Animating

In this week’s lecture Dovi Anderson mentions a bunch of custom shelf icons + keyboard shortcuts he uses in to speed up his work flow. I went through and found the code of each one he mentions. If you want to see how to make keyboard shortcuts, check out my move keyframes post for a quick walk through (and also see below).

Add framestimeSliderEditKeys addInbetween;

Delete frames: timeSliderEditKeys removeInbetween;

Set Key Ticks to “Active”timeControl -e -showKeys active $gPlayBackSlider;

Set Key Ticks to “Channel Box”timeControl -e -showKeys $gChannelBoxName $gPlayBackSlider;

Switch between shot cam and perspective cam (found here):

//Switch Perspective Cameras
$currentCamera = `lookThru -q`;
string $allCameras[];
$allCameras = `listCameras -p`;// This will select perspective cameras only
int $nextCamera;
if($currentCamera == $allCameras[$pos]) $nextCamera = $pos+1;
if($nextCamera>=size($allCameras)) $nextCamera = 0;
lookThru $allCameras[$nextCamera];

Cycle between orthographic cams + perspective cam (found here):

string $currentPanel = `getPanel -underPointer`;
if ($currentPanel == “”)
$currentPanel = `getPanel -withFocus`;
if(`getPanel -to $currentPanel` == “modelPanel”)
if(`modelPanel -q -cam $currentPanel` == “top”)
switchModelView front;
else if(`modelPanel -q -cam $currentPanel` == “front”)
switchModelView side;
else if(`modelPanel -q -cam $currentPanel` == “side”)
switchModelView Perspective;
else if(`modelPanel -q -cam $currentPanel` == “persp”)
switchModelView top;
error “I’m sorry, but that is not a valid camera panel.”;

Cycle through tangents*scroll down to “ackCycleTangents
I personally changed the code in a text editor so I can just switch between Stepped, Linear and Auto.

Find this:
string $tangent1 = “flat”;
string $tangent2 = “spline”;
string $tangent3 = “linear”;
And replace with this:
string $tangent1 = “step”;
string $tangent2 = “linear”;
string $tangent3 = “auto”;


Break + unify tangents*: Scroll down to “ackToggleTangentType

Free tangent weights:  Free tangent weights, break tangents, auto tangents, etc are already functions in the Graph Editor. If you want to make a keyboard shortcut for these, you can find them in the Hotkey editor and simply assign a key to them.