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Personality in posing

It seems this character study of Big Hero 6 has gone pretty viral in the community. The character differences are amazingly clear, be sure to check it out if you haven’t.
YouTube Preview Image

I just noticed the poses in this image and thought they tell us a similar thing in just one frame. We can tell a lot about attitude, confidence, goofiness, etc. Even Baymax’s symmetrical pose tells us a lot about his nature.


The simplest of things – standing naturally for example – show character. It’s easy to get used to defaults: a standing pose, an angry hand clench, a sad face, the action of sitting down, a vanilla walk, etc. But the question we need to remember is how does our character, in their current state of mind do things.

While looking for another example I came across this Disney character line up. While it doesn’t quite show characters in a neutral standing position I think we can still gain a lot from the elements of these silhouettes when posing our characters to show personality. Credit goes to Juan Pablo Bravo for this lineup.

Why do these give a sense of strength and power?

And why don’t these poses which traditionally show strength feel as strong?:

Why would I not trust someone in these poses?:

Why do these have a greater sense of innocence?:

And these a greater sense of confidence?:

What do the way the feet are posed here say about these characters?:

Why does a simple change in Line of Action give Arthur and Mowgli 2 clearly different personalities?

How are 2 characters in the same file contrasted with each other?:

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