Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

To no real surprise I’ve developed RSI in my right wrist, which was causing me to consider taking a Leave of Absence. Luckily my doctor said it’s not Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, I’ve strained some tendons that won’t do permanent damage. He’s told me I can continue on and see how it goes.

To get back into better work habits I’ve gone back to using the Strict Workflow add on (based on the Pomodero Technique) in Chrome. Basically it gives me 25 minutes of work time then will sound a short alarm. That gives me a 5 minute break before going back into another 25 minute work block. In other words it’s forcing me to give my wrists a 10 minute break every hour, and helps make I’m out of my chair for 5 – 10 minutes every hour to have a stretch and a walk around.

The added bonus is the app will block web sites of your choosing for that 25 minute period. Great for escaping Facebook and getting work done. It’s also easy to add up how much time you’re actually spending on a project. At the end of the day, hopefully it will lead to better health and a more productive workflow.


One thought on “Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

  1. Teo

    Great news. I did not know about this until now. Thank you for the tip, I hope your hand is healed and good luck! You have great talent. 🙂


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