Personality Walks – Hotel Transylvania


Really enjoyed the animation in Hotel Transylvania so decided to break down some of the walks and find what I liked about them or what gives them character.

Such contrasting character walks. Use the gird lines to compare the the up and downs and also Dracula’s constant speed. The way Jonathan holds is arms is completely different to Dracula’s arm swing, which kind of swings back with force. Compare the spacing change on the hand between frames 9 and 11. There’s obviously also a nice contrast with their body angles.

I like how the feet build and arc into the up position and then slam down. There’s a little RX rotation on the head but little movement in the spine. The turn when he stops is lead by the foot, then the hips and the upper body follow. Also think around F33 the jaw is dragged and the left foot is kept alive in the turn with very subtle rotations.

The wife seems to be landing on the ball of her feet then going down onto her heel. She seems to take 3 strides in the time it takes her husband to do 2. I also like the slight drag on the husband’s still arm which slowly releases as he slows into his stop. Also notice the witch walking in the background.

I love the timing in this, his right foot stays in the air for about 4 frames then stomps down as he comes to his pose. There’s also a small anticipation, he lifts the foot up, holds, then goes up even higher for one frame before slamming down. It also forces the knee up while the body is coming down, creating some nice opposing action. (seems my clip is sticking for F20&21)

I love the timing on her steps back, she takes a quick little step around frame 40 but it seems she doesn’t land her right foot until she takes another longer step back. She also tries to stay upright at the start but as her fear grows towards the end she stays in the much lower position. It’s as though her fear is represented in the TY of her hips.

I was curious about what made this walk have so much character. It seems she holds a bit on the contact + down then comes through quicker on the passing. She also very feminine hip movements, they really change around the up/contact positions. I think the way she carries her right hand also adds a lot to the walk and her thought process. I think a few of the walks in this post really do great job showing what the characters are thinking and feeling.

All sorts of stuff going on here. Feet taking only half a stride, a lot of time on the down pose, different timing on the strides, the feet seem to catch the character’s weight, etc.

Again not much up and down, but the legs seem to get straight very early, just after the passing position. There is also little movement on the foot rotations. One stride is about 7 frames. Compare how different the arms are to the more determined walk at the top of this post.


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