Pendulum study

I’m sure this is going to have minimal difference on my actual assignment, but did some tests replicating the type of pendulum we have to animate in this week’s assignment. I should acknowledge I got the idea of doing this from my classmate Hayley and also Erik who shared his test video with us all. This was my dodgy looking rig, it should be noted that while the pasta did have some effect on the string it still doesn’t replicate the joints of a pendulum.


And yes, I’m sure this is a flawed study in countless ways, but I did learn some things from it. Everything was shot and rendered out at 24fps (and sorry for the rather serious looking faces). Just send me a message if you’d like the quicktime, I do recommend trying it out yourself though, you might pick up some things I didn’t.

1. Starting from a still position.
The coin really dragged, staying in its initial position for almost 2 frames. It also then moved off in a nice arc when pulled quickly.

2. Timing.
These things swing forever and ever.. and ever. You can see the first swing took 9 frames, as did the next despite not going quite as high. The following swing was also 9 frames.

3. Swing Arc
If there was slack in the string, the weight of the coin tended to make it drop straight down, resulting in a short follow through. Compare that to the taut string below which swung round 180º.

4. Figure 8
My mentor mentioned the figure 8 arc, but it only really clicked in my head when I broke the action down frame by frame. Blue = root, red = the coin.

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