Maya – Moving all keyframes shortcut

06_beforeAfterI find I’m constantly adding/deleting frames to improve my spacing and timing, so I created a shortcut to move all keyframes after the current frame. I found the code through this post, but thought I’d type it up and make it simple to install for anyone else who may be interested.

In Maya go to Window -> Settings/Preferences -> Hot Key Editor

In Categories, go down to User and then click on New

Give it a name eg. plusOneFrame and paste this code into the command box:

timeSliderEditKeys addInbetween;

Click accept.

Then in the text box in the Assign New Hotkey section, type in the shortcut you want to use for this action. I’ve used the = key, which was originally used to control the handle size (I might reassign another key for that).


Go through the process again to create a new hotkey for deleting a frame, but this time use this code in the command box:

timeSliderEditKeys removeInbetween;

I’ve used the – key as my shortcut.


Then click save.

Try it out by selecting your animated object or joint and pressing your new keyboard shortcuts.

One thought on “Maya – Moving all keyframes shortcut

  1. lee

    this is exactly what i was looking for! i couldnt find it in 2012 and i was pretty sure it existed for 2008.

    anyways, thanks!


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