Maya Hotkey Placement

Ever thought about where your most used shortcuts are on the keyboard? Wouldn’t it make sense to have them together and in easy reach of your free hand?



My new set up, and I’m sure this will change/improve over time.
Q, W, E, R, T, S, D, F = remain the same.
Y = activate insert key (graph editor)
A = playback toggle
G = time dragger tool (formerly by holding K in the graph editor)
Z = last keyframe
X = previous frame
C = next frame
V = next keyframe

The following shortcuts are from Aaron Koressel
Option + W, A ,X, D = moves my keys up, left, down and right in the graph editor (ackMoveKeys)
Option + C = snaps selected keys to the current frame in the graph editor (ackSnapToTime)
Option + S = snaps values to be the same as the last selected key in the graph editor (ackSnapEndKeyValues)

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