Jump frames Mel Script

With each step of our walk cycles built on exactly 12 frames, I figured there must be a way to compare my poses of the first step to the second, third and fourth quickly + simply. With a bit of googling I found a bit of code to do so, I can now jump forwards or backwards 12 frames at the click of a button.

1. Open up the script editor.


2. Enter this code

currentTime (`currentTime -q`-12);

(the 12 is simply the number of frames you want to jump, I’ve got mine on 24 at the moment)

3. Select your code and drag in onto the shelf. A pop up should appear asking if you want it to be Mel or Python, click Mel. A new icon should appear.

4. Do the same again with this code

currentTime (`currentTime -q`+12);

By clicking the 2 new icons you should be able to jump 12 frames forwards and backwards with ease.



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