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Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Animating

In this week’s lecture Dovi Anderson mentions a bunch of custom shelf icons + keyboard shortcuts he uses in to speed up his work flow. I went through and found the code of each one he mentions. If you want to see how to make keyboard shortcuts, check out my move keyframes post for a quick walk through (and also see below).

Add framestimeSliderEditKeys addInbetween;

Delete frames: timeSliderEditKeys removeInbetween;

Set Key Ticks to “Active”timeControl -e -showKeys active $gPlayBackSlider;

Set Key Ticks to “Channel Box”timeControl -e -showKeys $gChannelBoxName $gPlayBackSlider;

Switch between shot cam and perspective cam (found here):

//Switch Perspective Cameras
$currentCamera = `lookThru -q`;
string $allCameras[];
$allCameras = `listCameras -p`;// This will select perspective cameras only
int $nextCamera;
if($currentCamera == $allCameras[$pos]) $nextCamera = $pos+1;
if($nextCamera>=size($allCameras)) $nextCamera = 0;
lookThru $allCameras[$nextCamera];

Cycle between orthographic cams + perspective cam (found here):

string $currentPanel = `getPanel -underPointer`;
if ($currentPanel == “”)
$currentPanel = `getPanel -withFocus`;
if(`getPanel -to $currentPanel` == “modelPanel”)
if(`modelPanel -q -cam $currentPanel` == “top”)
switchModelView front;
else if(`modelPanel -q -cam $currentPanel` == “front”)
switchModelView side;
else if(`modelPanel -q -cam $currentPanel` == “side”)
switchModelView Perspective;
else if(`modelPanel -q -cam $currentPanel` == “persp”)
switchModelView top;
error “I’m sorry, but that is not a valid camera panel.”;

Cycle through tangents*scroll down to “ackCycleTangents
I personally changed the code in a text editor so I can just switch between Stepped, Linear and Auto.

Find this:
string $tangent1 = “flat”;
string $tangent2 = “spline”;
string $tangent3 = “linear”;
And replace with this:
string $tangent1 = “step”;
string $tangent2 = “linear”;
string $tangent3 = “auto”;


Break + unify tangents*: Scroll down to “ackToggleTangentType

Free tangent weights:  Free tangent weights, break tangents, auto tangents, etc are already functions in the Graph Editor. If you want to make a keyboard shortcut for these, you can find them in the Hotkey editor and simply assign a key to them.



Sanity saver

Something that’s helping me tremendously on this week’s assignment specifically is drawing on my screen. All this overlapping action, it’s easy to get confused about what should be where. I’m just using a free demo version of an app called Scriboard, it’s pretty buggy but for the most part it lets me do what I want.


EDIT: It’s been a great help on the following assignment too. I’ve coloured the key frames of my walk, blue = contact, red = down, etc. So much easier + quicker than remembering numbers.