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Rock gets a shock

Rock gets a shock

I animated this in class 03 as the second assignment.
It was quite tough, we were supposed to animate something up to 200 frames but somehow this ended up being 480 frames, roughly the same as my first assignment (still to upload). I’m glad I did it though, it really helped to get me quicker in polishing. My hat goes off to my mentor, Drew Adams for helping me through it.


Class 03 – Assignment 1

Ahh.. my 500 Frames of Summer.


Somehow my simple idea has become a 500 frame monster. Luckily I can make this my 1st and 2nd assignment for class 03.
I’m not entirely happy with the way blocking is going, especially when he jumps out in underwear. I don’t feel I’m quite capturing the right disappointed feel or have clear posing when he goes back into the box. Having the extra time really takes a load off though and can spend a bit more time trying to get this blocking feeling good.