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Face and Hand Breakdowns : Zootopia

I thought I’d continue looking at breakdowns, this time using the Zootopia teaser as an example. To see a larger version, just click on the images.

When studying the face we can see the animators have used a variety of principles on the breakdowns.

A slight anticipation/squash:zootopia07
Nick Wilde animation breakdown

A slight overshoot/stretch:zootopia05
Nick Wilde animation breakdown

A breaking up of the eyes from the eyebrows:zootopia08
Nick Wilde animation breakdown

A simpler breakdown for a move where less emphasis is needed:zootopia06
Nick Wilde animation breakdown

When looking at the keys on the hands we can see they’re often in a similar position to each other, but when  breaking down the movements the animators have been careful to differentiate the movement. Notice how one hand leads the other into the next pose, this will cause the spacing and general feel of each hand to be different.

zootopia01 zootopia02 zootopia04

Breaking up movements : Mulan

One of my regular struggles is breaking up movements so that my animation doesn’t feel pose to posey or that different body parts have the same motion. A few months ago Jason Martinsen gave a talk at Animation Mentor about breakdowns and inbetweens, highlighting the work of Charlie Bonifacio and also the breakdowns used on Mushu in Mulan (supervised by Tom Bancroft).

I went through a couple movements from random points in the film and tracked how the head an hands have been broken up. Note the mix up of spacing, arcs, easing, anticipations and overshoots. I especially love in this first example how the arc of the mallet brings our attention back to Mushu’s face.

*Edit* Thanks also to Charlie and Tom for commenting and crediting the animators. The first was example was by Rob Corley and the following 3 were by Tom Bancroft.

Mulan : Mushu key frames
Mulan : Mushu animation breakdown

Mulan : Mushu key framesMulan : Mushu animation breakdown

Mulan : Mushu key framesMulan : Mushu animation breakdown

Mulan : Mushu key frames Mulan : Mushu animation breakdown