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A little update as I haven’t posted on here in a while, I wrapped up in May on Connected and with that decided to leave Sony Imageworks… again. Connected was an amazing ride of career opportunity, I was brought on as an animator, promoted to crowds lead and ended up as an animation lead with a small team and sequences. I’m thankful for that opportunity and experience, it was a great insight into how a major feature film is run from a production standpoint and enjoyed having more interaction with the team as part of the role.

I’ve since moved to Industrial Light & Magic as a senior animator on Space Jam 2 and am feeling quite at home in the new role. Jumping from full cg features to a hybrid cartoony/vfx project in a new studio presents opportunity and growth, I’m looking forward to seeing what else the future holds after this project.

Re: updates on this blog, I haven’t been posting recently but have some topics coming up to write about. It’s always been my goal to post topics or opinions that aren’t being talked about elsewhere, an uptake in YouTubers and social media profiles in recent years with animation discussion and analysis has narrowed that window considerably. That said, with all this information and a greater sense of honesty in discussions held online, it really is a great time to be learning and talking about animation.

I’ve gone through this blog and reduced the amount of posts from around 100 down to 30, I’ll be going through and tweaking/updating some of the posts as well. My idea is to keep information on this blog up to date and relevant, rather than housing outdated views, tools and or information that is readily available from other sources. Think of it as a book on your shelf that updates itself with each new published edition.

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